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We gladly support nonprofit organizations:​

- Antique repairs

- Antique restoration
- Antique refinishing
- Fine art restoration
- Art and statues restoration
- Antique pianos restoration
- Oil paintings restoration
- Hand carving
  and much more at   

Weathersby Guild offers furniture and fine art repairs, restoration or refinishing in shop or at house; hotels and restaurants furniture restoration, commercial and residential maintenance, and finest restoration cleaning services for office, medical office and house.

Our experienced craftsmen provide the finest services in the industry. 

our Services

We understand the importance of appearance within the hospitality industry and our professional technicians are able to provide all furniture services within minimal disruption to your guests and stuff. 


furniture REPAIR




Looking for a professional restorer you can trust? Look no further! We’re the most friendly, honest restoration team in the area. 



Professional Memberships:​



OUR Clients:


- Furniture repair and restoration
- Touch ups

- Furniture cleaning
- Veneer and Formica replacement

- Furiture conservation
- Upholstery restoration
- Leather restoration
- Special custom projects

- Therapeutic based  CLEANING


We offer many preventative maintenance options. It's the convenient way to keep your office healthy and in top condition.

Weatherby Guild's team restores offices through the County.



We take pride in our work and it shows!

Paradise Diamonds

Compassionate Cancer Care

Medical Group Inc.

New Spirit Naturals 


CP Bio, INC 

From Concept to reality. Our 

European craftsmanship and high

end skills make the difference and

for those who are ready, we can bring 

their vision to life. 


Formerly PAUL DOLCE Restoration.